Priklausomybės ligų reabilitacijos bendruomenė "Gyvenimo vartai"

Padėdami kitiems mes padedame sau! Pirkdami mūsų malkas, jūs remiate priklausomybės ligomis sergančių asmenų gydymą ir suteikiate jiems viltį naujam gyvenimui.

 Our organization is a charity and support fund "Gyvenimo Vartai" ("Gateway of Life"), founded in 2004. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those addicted to drugs and alcohols learn how to live soberly.

 Our mission is to aid social reintegration by restoring emotional balance and encouraging self-sufficiency. Our goals of action are focused on the rehabilitation through abstinence and 12 Step Program, putting the recovering addicts back into employment, as well as the general prevention of substance misuse.

  In 2010 our fund established a rehabilitation community for people with drug and alcohol dependence. The community is located in a beautiful countryside. Through counselling, group work and recreational activities, recovering addicts develop living, work and interpersonal skills, learn self-sufficiency and responsibility.

  In order to achieve financial independence of the organization, to maintain the long activity of the community and improve the treatment quality, in 2013 we established a social enterprise. Thanks to the support from the partnership program between Lithuanian Republic and Swiss Confederation, we were able to purchase woodworking equipment, and began producing firewood, timber and other wood products. The recovering addicts take active part in our social enterprise. All profit goes back into funding the rehabilitation community. At the moment income from social business is the main source of support for our organization.

 Our firewood is packed in wooden box containers. One container holds either 1 or 2 cubic meters of firewood.

  Container measures: 

1 m3- 118cm(l) x 99cm(w) x 100cm(h).

2 m3- 118cm(l) x 99cm(w) x 200cm(h).

Single firewood piece measures 30cm in length and 6-15cm in diameter.

 We are able to cut firewood to your specifications and packaging requirements.


Natural humidity 110 EU/2 m3

Dried 130 EU/2 m3

 We hope you choose to purchase our wood. By doing so, you will support the treatment for addiction and give a new chance of life to the recovering members of our community. 

By helping others we all help ourselves!

Contact us:

Giedrius Žukas

+370 600 41787

Lithuania, Kaunas, str. Kapsu 11